Indie Island 2007

Indie Island 2007

Indie Island J chris campbell heroes convention

Come check it out!

June 15 – 17, 2007
Indie Island
Heroes Convention
Charlotte, NC


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  1. First off, my website is a true ‘work-in-progress’ being pieced together by my son. It has been a tedious and arduous undertaking. But I would appreciate a visit.

    I have been trying to get in touch with you (I missed you at FCBD @ Borderlands. Long story).
    I wanted to pick your brain on getting involved with small press outfits and to know if I can submit any “Heep” stories for upcoming compilations you are doing at Wide Awake Press.
    I am at the ground floor on the ‘business’ side, and a newbie in the strictest sense.

    thanks for your time,
    Mark S Dawson

  2. J Chris says:

    I wasn’t able to download any of your sample pages on your site. Regardless, right now Wide Awake Press doesn’t have anything coming up anytime soon that isn’t already booked. But I’ll be happy to look at your stuff and keep you in mind.

    J Chris

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