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Dragon*Con Day 1

I took a few pics today but don’t have access to my camera. So you have to wait.\

In other news: Happy thirty-one days of JCC blogging!

Shoot or not to shoot?

I did this little cartoon for my good buddy Kelly Brogdon over at Crosby Stills Photography. It’s for a publication they are putting out for their uber-niffty Snap Shot cafe & art bar located here in Greenville, SC. One day I’m going to talk them into doing a non-photography art show for all the local JCC art fans. Me, my wife and mom will have a gay ole time! Click the image to view it bigger.

Shoot or not to shoot?

Falls Park is in downtown Greenville where there is a giant waterfall. A few years back they removed an old car bridge over the waterfall and put in a Liberty Bridge. The entire area is remade into super nice happy parkville USA. Now there are tons of people down there hanging out. Some even swiming in the river and sliding on the rocks. Someone recently got hurt, so after a bizillion years of people sliding on the waterfall rocks it’s now prohibited.

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