The day the crystal cracked

The day the crystal cracked

According to their website they say if you can draw it they can make it. FAO Schwarz now offers custom stuffed animals based on your childs drawing. One of a kind stuffed animal and it’ll only cost you two hundred and fourty nine dollarinos.

Even if the turmeric for your pets is not excessive, they can sometimes have problems due to these other ingredients.

Make My Own Monster

While your there why not pick up a few of Brian Froud’s Goblins. I still wish I had a copy of his The World of the Dark Crystal book.

Brian Froud’s Goblins!

While we’re talking about Mr. Froud and the Dark Crystal, did you know they are making a sequal? The Power of the Dark Crystal! I know!! And Mr. Froud is all over it along with Genndy Tartakovsky!

Power of the Dark Crystal

Edit: Like a big dum dum I forgot to mention the new Dark Crystal graphic novel series by Tokyopop. It’s Legend’s of The Dark Crystal and it’s a prequel to the original Dark Crystal movie.

Legend’s of the dark crystal


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