Amazing Spider-Man 2 is very long

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is very long

Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out today. I saw it yesterday, but not at the midnight showing. We got to see it at 7 pm. I’m not sure when they stopped the midnight showing debut for movies but it sure does make for a soft opening. There were 10 people in the theatre with us. It seems that since they’ve taken away the midnight showing it breaks up the crowd and makes it less of an event. Apparently the 9 pm showing was when the action happened. I didn’t see the size of that crowd because the movie was 2 hours and 22 minutes long. And it really does feel like it is that long.

I was excited to see the return of the classic costume in action. The animators really did a great job of making it look more realistic. With wrinkles and fabric flapping in the wind while he swings thru the city. There were some really fun “go pro”views of him shooting webs and zooming past buildings. I’m a long time Spider-man fan so that stuff was pretty fantastic to see.

In the first movie Andrew Garfield really annoyed me. He played Spidey a lot more cocky than I think he should be. I like my Parker humble and my Spidey a little cocky with some quippy mixed in. In this movie, He felt a lot more even and I think he does a pretty good job at being Spider-Man. Especially in this movie’s first scene with Spider-man trying to stop a heist. It’s full of great humor and neat stunts, even if they are cg.

Making fun of bad guys

Humor is another reason I loved the comics growing up. But it was always balanced with terrible things that Spider-man had to endure. Especially the many deaths he could have stopped from happening. AS1 and AS2 both have pretty major death scenes that are also a part of Spider-man loir. It’s hard to sit thru with a younger kid, especially the one that happens in this movie. It’s pretty heavy stuff.

The chemistry of Andrew and Emma in these movies is pretty undeniable. So it’s no surprise that they are a couple in real life. Every scene they are in together feels right and Emma Stone does a great job at creating a Gwen Stacy for today’s girls. She’s smarter than Peter and is strong willed with her own agendas and things to add to the story. She is a pretty crucial part to both the movies. Unlike Peter’s parents who they keep putting emphasis on.

I’m not sure where they’re getting this stuff about them being super genius millionaire scientist. But it really bothers me. One of the appealing things about Spidey is that anyone could have been him. You could be Spider-Man kid! It was an accident and had you been there instead of Peter, you’d be swinging around New York with your costume flapping in the wind. But no, everything has to be connected and nothing is by chance. The “magic” is lost and everything happens for a reason.

Not bad for someone with the power of a spider

I really did enjoy the movie. Sure there were some parts that were a little strange, like the german scientist torturing electro. Or the horrible CGI that showed Paul Giamatti in the Rhino suit and the music playing electric tower things. But it’s a movie based on a comic book character! So I wasn’t surprised.

I was surprised at how little there was of Spider-man in action. Or rather how little it felt like there was. It was a little painful waiting thru all the story just to see Spidey in action again. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see this as a kid. It’s full of lots of stories and lots of talking and after a while you do start to look at your watch and say “How long is this movie?”

The internet will find a way to edit it down I’m sure. They’ll be several versions like the all action AS2 or the Electro Story.I’m looking forward to the Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy scenes edited to create a romantic comedy. There’s something for everyone in this movie and I guess that’s why it had to be so long. I’m just glad it wasn’t a midnight showing.

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Until you go see the movie you can enjoy this lock screen image of old web head that I made for myself.

Spidey Wallpaper



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