Minicomics Panel at Heroes

Did I mention that Heroes Convention is this weekend? Yes sir ree bobtails it’s June 15-17 In Charlotte North Carolina.

Heroes Convention 2007

Come listen to me and some other artists chat about Mini Comics
Minicomics – Did You For Real Make That Yourself?

4.00 pm on Saturday the 16th

Minicomics are almost their own side thing, separate from regular old comics. But if you’ve been thinking of dipping your toe into the world of cartooning, there’s no better way to get some work out there without a lot of money, or a pesky old publisher. And who better to show you! A somewhat snaggle-toothed member of our staff sits down with J. Chris Campbell, Jim Mahfood, Ben Towle, and Rob Ullman–and almost certainly some surprise guests–for a discussion of how cool these little art objects are, and how you can make your own!

So Come on!

Indie Island 2007 Layout

  • ii 708 = J Chris Campbell , Duane Ballenger and Wide Awake Press
  • ii704 = Rob Ullman
  • 722-821 = Andy Runton, Rob Venditti, Chris Staros and Top Shelf Comics
  • 823 = 3 Boys Productions
  • SP29 = Josh Latta, Brad McGinty and Cute Girl Demographics
  • Ashley Holt and Gregory Dickens might stop by the Wide Awake Press table
  • Ben Towle will be there but I’m not sure where.

Stuff from WAP

Wide Awake Press will have all sorts of stuff available at Indie Island this year. Both spanking new and comics that haven’t been there yet. So come on out to the show and load up.

Indie Island 2007 - WAP goods

Here are a few:

The Infinite League versus the Miscellaneous
Ashley Holt

The Sleep Book
Gregory Dickens

Wonderful World of OZ Button Set
J Chris Campbell

EATS Anthology
Various Artists

Yes Zig Zag isn’t really a Wide Awake Press book. And yes it will not be available for sale. But yes you will be able to flip through a preview copy. Yes.