Author: J Chris

Free Comic Book Day 2018

What is this day of free comic books I hear speak of? I, J Chris Campbell, will be returning to Richard’s Comics & Collectables again this year to celebrate the wonderfulness that is known as Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). Are you aware that the first FCBD was in 2002? Yes! That’s like over 15…
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Indie Island 2007

Come check it out! June 15 – 17, 2007 Indie Island Heroes Convention Charlotte, NC

Roll Out

The best thing about Shrek the Third was the preview for the new live action Transformers movie for July 4th. I’ve purposely stayed away from any pictures or information about the movie. So when the preview came on, I unexpectedly got giddy when Shia LaBeouf runs his fingers across the Autobot logo on the wheel…
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Straw of a different color

This has to be one of the best promotional ideas I’ve seen in a while. It’s so creatively simple, change the color of the straw to green. I already prefer McDonald’s straws over every other fast food chains. They’re thinker, wider and perfect for straw popping and milk shakes. Hey, now I’ve got to go…
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