Greenville Bussiness Alliance

I really enjoyed doing this illustration for the cover of the Beat.
GIBA hoot where you spend your loot.

The story is about GIBA Greenville Independent Business Alliance and it lists all the members. They’re also listed on the website at the link above. I’m all for supporting locally owned businesses and artists, as I hope most people are. But convenience and price both play a big factor in my spending. I guess I’m just cheap and lazy.

Oh, local artist Joel Wilkinson drew the Owl mascot on thier homepage. He is a super cool guy and really good artist. Check out the drawings in his “Works on Paper” section. Very rad. Joel is big in the Greenville Art Scene, helping out whenever he can. He runs the Greenville South website that has all kinds of inside information about good ole “Greenvull”.

Here comes the Spider-Man.

I like seeing movies on opening weekend. Usually I try not to watch or read anything about it before. But it’s really hard. I’ve even covered my ears and closed my eyes for during the Trailer for LOTR 2 (never read the book). I like to experience the movie without any preconceived notions or expectations.

Spider-man Black Costume

With S3 I really didn’t know venom was going to be in the movie until I got a web link to the make-up test. I assumed he would be in it, because the black costume was. Then the toys came out and there he was. But it wasn’t until Wednesday of last week that I actually saw a clip of him. I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t search it out. It was edited into an episode of video podcast that I watch called Pulp Secret. I’m not sure if they got it from a recent trailer or what. But there he was. I almost made it to the movie! Oh well.

Pulp Secret- Comic Podcast

You should check out Pulp Secret. It’s actually really funny and gives you just tidbits of information in a nice little package. You can even fast-forward the commercials. My favorite episodes loosely involve some sort of “theme”. Give it a go, but don’t start with the 3 part Spider-Man week coverage. Except maybe the one where Justin does the trapeze and kisses a girl!

Free Comic Book Day and EATS

Hey! Don’t forget to download your free copy of EATS from Saturday May 5th.

EATS - Wide Awake Press

Or stop by to Borderlands in Greenville, South Carolina
Get 1 of 100 free copies that J Chris Campbell, Duane Ballenger, Scott Ellingburg and Justin Gammon will be giving out. From 11 until 3. Grab a copy and have them draw you something. They’ll also be several other comics there for free.

Saturday May 5
Greenville SC
Borderlands on Laurens Road
11am until 3pm

Comic Shops all over the US of A are celebrating Free Comic Book Day.
Find one near you at