Notes from SPACE

Well, SPACE was fun. I got an award for being a nominee for the Day Prize Awards. Dave Sim gave out the awards and said Zig Zag was “sincerely funny material”. How cool is that? I had no idea I would be getting an award for being a nominee, thus I gave a crappy speech…
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Collagerific Pics for SPACE

I made up these little collage pieces to take to SPACE with me this weekend. I’ll be driving for 9 or so hours with my buddies Andy Runton and Rob Venditti. That’s guaranteed to be the funnest part. Oh, and hanging with Josh Cotter and Rob Ullman all day on Saturday should be extra cool…
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450 Robots Strong

I’m up to 450 robots drawn for my robot mailing list. Alisar What robot mailing list? Why the one you can join if you send an e-mail to: You’ll become one of the “3MR” Army getting robots in your e-mail almost everyday. Most of the robots look more Campbellesque like this little guy here.…
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Free Comic Book Day 2006

A fun time for kids of all ages. Costumed or not. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me and pick up some free comics. Click here for more photos from my signing.