How to avoid the thousands of fans trying to get into the convention



SC Comicon is fast approaching and is a must attend event for any true fan of popular culture. If the past has proven anything it is that Greenville, South Carolina is ready to embrace this annual event that is put together by local store Borderland’s owner Rob Young.

The past 2 years have been a phenomenal success bringing in thousands of fans. And not just from Greenville but from across the south east. They’re not just coming to find great deals on comic books, graphic novels & collectables. Attendees will be meeting comic creators, purchasing original art and getting custom sketches drawn at the show! But that is by far still not all there is to do.


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Photo courtesy of SC Comicon


SC Comicon will be host to bunches of gaming tournaments, a mega costume contest, kids drawing contests, informative panel discussions, all sorts of fan group meet-ups, exclusive celebrity sightings, a few famous vehicles and bevy of famous props & artwork. Heck so much will be going on I don’t even know how Borderlands keeps up with it all.


Photo courtesy of SC Comicon
Photo courtesy of SC Comicon


And yes there will be Vendors from all over that will be bringing in literally tons of merchandise. So you are bound to find something for your collection or for that special geek in your life. Be they a Trekkie, Mouseketeer, Whovian, Fandalorian, Walkers, Brony, Marvel Zombie, Boomer or Brown Coat you’ll find it here. Basically there is something for everyone and enough curiosities to keep you satiated for 2 days. There is even an after hours event where you can hang out with creators and bid on artwork with all the money going to charity.

Look for me and my green banner and table cloth.


I’m very happy to be a part of this event featuring so many amazing artists including Greg CapulloGeorge PerezFrank ChoNeal Adams and tons more! I’ll be hanging out in a block with my pals Duane Ballenger, Wes Brooks, Andy Runton, Van Jensen, Rob Venditti, and Shawn & Adam of the Dollar Bin. While you’re out strolling the isles be sure to stop by Joey WeiserAndy Finkle, Sketch Charlotte, Bridgit Connell, Chris HamerMel Rivera and pretty much every other creator in the place. And make sure you check out the vendor booths, especially Comics Wanted, Richard’s Comics and Collectables, Hereos Aren’t Hard To Find and of course Borderland’s.

How to avoid the thousands of people trying to get into the convention?

Borderlands has made it simple for those of you who like to plan ahead. Just go ahead and order your tickets online right now and pick them up at the window when you get there. That is it. It’s super easy and last year there was hardly any waiting for pre-ordered tickets. You’ll be strolling by all those other suckers standing in line waiting to buy their tickets the day of the show. ( I just found out from my pal Adam that you can also pick them up at Borderlands Comics and Games days before the show, so all you have to do is walk in.)

Of course you still might want to get there early so you can score all the rare goodies before anyone else. It opens at 10 on Saturday, but there should be enough stuff still around if you wander in a little later. Regardless, I hope to see you there!

Keep a look out for these certificates laying around the convention.
Keep a look out for these certificates laying around the convention.
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That is my dad in the top hat with the old bike. Photo Courtesy SC Comicon.
Photo Courtesy of SC Comicon
Photo Courtesy of SC Comicon

This one event will get you loads of free comics and much more!

Saturday May 2nd
Richard’s Comics & Collectables

Every year, since 2001, there has been a Free Comic Book Day and every year I go and draw for fans both young and old. I’m usually there with a bunch of other talented creators and we just hang out and talk and draw the day away.

It’s a ton of fun for everyone!

Would you like to learn more about Free Comic Book Day? Read my post from last year about it.

Richard is a great host and there will be all sorts things happening during the day. Including an entire room full of comics for just $1 each!!There will be a Kid’s Art Contest (with prizes)! This year’s there will be several sheets where you can finish a Robot!kids-art-contest
This is a big event and it was even covered by WYFF news channel 4! Go listen and watch Richard talk about the event in this clip (click here). He also mentions little ole me and my super exclusive poster I created for him.
This year’s Creators are:
  • J Chris Campbell
  • Duane Ballenger
  • Ryan Bray
  • John Davis
  • Christopher Lockwood
  • Mel Rivera
  • Derek & Nikki Davis
  • Robert Venditti
  • Desi Varsel
  • James Cogdill
Also we will have representatives from the following groups:
Plenty of people will be in costume including local Cosplayers:
  • Amanda Finley
  • Courtney Anne Meeker

Here is the promotional poster that features Ultron controlling the Avengers. I could not resist doing a variant one with Richard controlling Cap and Iron Man. These will be available for you to get and collect all the visiting creators signatures.

11156294_10152745756302124_5240916053292487748_n 10478189_10152745756022124_8822049220885045162_n

Bring yourself and all your family. I’ll draw you an original robot on the spot. See you Saturday!

FLUKE 2015. You will enjoy.


I will be at FLUKE this Saturday with all the coolest folks you could possibly imagine (click here and see their names). Ok, most of them. We will just say it is a gathering of a large majority of the coolest folks in existence. So if you are cool, then you will be there. If you are beasty then you will also be there. We are also letting in totally rad folks and a couple awesome dudes and dudettes. At least one neat person will be there along with a few amazing creators and a couple of ladies that are jiggy with it. Don’t even get me started about the attendees that are coming from miles around to gape at the glorious goodies that will abound in mounds atop the tables within the 40 Watt Club.

Yes, FLUKE is at the 40 Watt which is itself a fantastic place made for fun. I do not believe there will be any YOLOing aloud this year. But I’ve not seen any official documentation to support that so you may be able to if no one is looking.

So come hang out with us. Bring yourself and money and your friend who also has money. They will be serving alcoholic beverages so there may be a few people who are crunk before the end of the show. But we don’t let them crush our good time vibe or anything.

Mini-Comics & Zine Festival

Saturday 11th
40 Watt Club in Athens, GA
$2 bucks admission
You Will Enjoy

2015 FLUKE poster_web

I remember the first time I went to FLUKE, I died right on the spot. Thankfully they had a resurrection machine on hand because Bizarro Wuxtry was a sponsor and they have everything. You should try and stop by there while you are in town. You will not be disappointed, I assure you. I am not kidding in the least. You will be a better person after you walk the rooms filled with relics that will sooth your beasty soul within. It’s cathartic or something.

Speaking of replenishing the soul, FLUKE is a great place to meet new people and future friends. Many long lasting buddies have met on the floor of FLUKE. Not lying down drunk on the floor but walking the floor. Communing in comics and regaling in shared commonalities are great ways to build bonds that will hold stronger than any man made substance. The ethereal kinship that can form around stacks of stapled paper are unlike any others. It’s true and when you come to FLUKE you will see. You will enjoy.