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Amazing Spider-Man 2 is very long

Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out today. I saw it yesterday, but not at the midnight showing. We got to see it at 7 pm. I’m not sure when they stopped the midnight showing debut for movies but it sure does make for a soft opening. There were 10 people in the theatre with us. It…
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Free Comics for Boys, Girls, Men & Women!

FCBD is a whole mess of fun. I’ve made appearances many, many, many times and have enjoyed them all. But I understand not everyone is familiar with the event, so I’ve put together a little helpful guide to FCBD. What is FCBD and why should I even care? Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is when participating comic book shops,…
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FLUKE 2014 – April 19 – Mini-Comics & Zine Festival

I’ll have a ton of new stuff at this year’s FLUKE! What is FLUKE you ask? Well just about the best little Mini-Comics and Zine festival this side of the Mason-Dixon line. It is a celebration of hand-made, home-spun goodies from some of the most talented creators you could ever try to gather into one…
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Monstercon 2013

Come out to Monstercon in Greenville, SC! July 26-28 and is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be at Richards Comics & Collectables booth withVan Jensen and Bradd Parton. It is a new show for the upstate and is shaping up to be like nothing we’ve ever seen around here. There will be Celebrity guests, comics and toys vendors…
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