There was a gremlin in my computer!

For the past 2 months I’ve be fighting little digital gremlins that have been attacking my server, I almost came to point of calling an IT Support.  Culminating in several sites being down including this one. So I didn’t get to post my Inktober drawings on here. But do not fear! They are all available for your peeper’s perusal acheter cialis over on my Instagram page.

Some of the drawings I colored and tweaked with my phone. But all the original drawings were done in ink.



They say that monsters do not exist


Recall the noises that you hear
each tiresome night as you disappear
you lay there resting half a sleep
and something hovers out of reach
the darkness gathers all around
you dare not move or make a sound
the breath you hold is getting stale
yet you struggle to not exhale
cold air slides above the ground
“Is this the night the moon is round?”
for if it is a fearsome beast
it should find somewhere else to feast
rage or fear wells up inside
you know that you can no longer hide
you jump and hope to startle it
a spastic leap, a jerking fit
yet nothings there or now it’s gone
your night of rest is thus postponed
they say that monsters do not exist
yet still the rumors do persist

Almost time for monsters!

I’ve already seen a lot of great monsters and such this month. Fall brings out the funnest things to draw. So I can’t wait until October when all my social media channels will be flooded with fantastic creatures from all over the planet! I’ll try and chip in where I can like I have in the past. It’s hard to keep pace with one a day. Maybe I can make it happen.


It’s not funny

So there are clowns popping out all over the place and not in a funny way. They’re coming out of the woods and trying to lure children in with bags of candy and stacks of cash. Terrified eyewitnesses have sighted them here in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.

Shortly after the first appearance there were more creepy clowns spotted around town and then BOOM the news went international. The Greenville Police department was flooded with calls wanting to know about the clown pandemic in Greenville! “It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. It’s inappropriate, and it’s creating community concern so it needs to stop,” said Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller.

Weeks prior to the sightings I ran across a news article about a clown walking the streets of Green Bay at night carrying black balloons. Not approaching anyone. Just being a general creepy dude. I figured, other places sure are strange. I guess we’re one of the strange places now.


Some people are totally creeped out by clowns and even terrified. It’s called Coulrophobia. I don’t particularly like clowns, neither circus or creepy variety. I don’t recall ever being scared of them, they just don’t jibe with me. Clowns actually make me feel a little sad and I don’t know if that’s part of what should be happening or not. People like different types of humor and clowns really aren’t my type I guess.

A few years ago I drew Emmet the Monster Clown that was inspired by a paint-by-number of a famous mid-century clown, Emmett Kelly who played Weary Willie. It wasn’t until afterwards that found out that Emmett Kelly really did try to put out a circus fire while still dressed in full clown makeup(click for more info). Isn’t that strange? Maybe clowns really are creepy.


Those Ringling Bros. Clowns are pretty amazing. Their costumes are fairly unique and they’re all extremely acrobatic. Of course being a clown for large audiences is a lot tougher than a backyard full of 5 year old children.

Regardless, a lot of people are passionate about clowns. Both positively and negatively. Heck I have a sister who has dressed as a clown and painted faces for kids. She is one of the nicest most caring people you’d ever meet. She loves clowns.


So when all this was happening with the clown sightings I had an idea of a group of people who would go out Clown Hunting in the woods. I made stickers for that group and you can purchase one while supplies last for just $5.00. Plus you’ll get an original clown drawing by me and it will all be shipped to your house no cost for postage. Order now!