ISR – Podcast

Yapping it up with Charlito and Mr. Phil of
Indie Spinner Rack.

They get all the inside dirt on Wide Awake Press, Holli getting locked in a trunk and the Twelve people living inside my head. It’s awesome!

Indie Spinner Rack

Get a copy of most of the comics we talked about in the “Fat Pack”.

Fear of Art

This weekend is Greenville South Carolina’s International Arts Festival – Artsphere

I did the cover for The Beat’s unofficial guide. James Shannon wanted a mix of an old 50’s Horror comic and Roy Lichtenstien. So here it is.

Artist's Fear

Big thanks to Rob Ullman and Andy Runton for their input on this.

Count Down To Free Comics

Hi folks!
I’ve cleaned up the place a bit, hope it’s a little easier to navigate. I’m going to try and update more often with Robots, Comics, Events and all sorts of neat things.

I thought I’d kick off this new site with a little something special for you. Last year I was lucky enough to do a 10 page story for Free Comic Book Day. It was a part of Superior Showcase #0 from AdHouse Books and featured the Apple Dumpler.

This is the second appearance of the Apple Dumpler and the first time we meet his sidekick Strudel. The very first appearance of AD was in the mega-cool anthology Project:Superior.