October is for scary stuff and funny stuff and all the stuff in the middle

Over the years Halloween has changed. It’s morphed into a month long celebration of all things that go bump in the night.

For me growing up it was all about trick-or-treating and who could rack up the most candy. Sure the costumes were important but running the neighborhoods with my friends trying to find the most goodies was what Halloween was all about. It was one night and you looked forward to all summer long.


Later on came the haunted mazes and spook houses ready to scare the wits out of teenagers. Embracing the scariness and showing everyone you weren’t scared of those guys with the fake chainsaws chasing you in the woods. Smoke machines and black lights with hockey masked madmen jumping from doorways. You know it’s all safe, but none the less it is thrilling.

In my 20’s it was all about decorating the house and throwing an adult Halloween celebration. With dress up contests, artistic pumpkin carving competitions, live music and games that were meant for kids but were still fun when you were a little encumbered by inebriation.

Now with my own kids I get to relive the excitement of racing the neighborhoods looking for houses with lights on. Meeting happy people willing to give out handfuls of goodies. At night’s end, watching the floors fill with the sugar rewards. Helping them sort, trade and occasionally sneaking a Snickers or 2.

Halloween last all month long with activities and festivals and decorations everywhere. Just going to the pop-up Halloween stores is now sort of a tradition for our family. Seeing all the new costumes and avoiding the gory bloody section of the store. But I know they’ll soon be drifting over there peeking at what lurks in the darkness of imagination.

I’ve never been a fan of horror in my Halloween or anytime of year, really. But it seems more popular than ever and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. But that is okay. You can have your mutilated zombie baby with rotating head. I’ll be over here with the jack-o-lanterns, dancing skeletons and doing the old school monster mash. There is room for us all. But you just keep it in your room.


This one event will get you loads of free comics and much more!

Saturday May 2nd
Richard’s Comics & Collectables

Every year, since 2001, there has been a Free Comic Book Day and every year I go and draw for fans both young and old. I’m usually there with a bunch of other talented creators and we just hang out and talk and draw the day away.

It’s a ton of fun for everyone!

Would you like to learn more about Free Comic Book Day? Read my post from last year about it.

Richard is a great host and there will be all sorts things happening during the day. Including an entire room full of comics for just $1 each!!There will be a Kid’s Art Contest (with prizes)! This year’s there will be several sheets where you can finish a Robot!kids-art-contest
This is a big event and it was even covered by WYFF news channel 4! Go listen and watch Richard talk about the event in this clip (click here). He also mentions little ole me and my super exclusive poster I created for him.
This year’s Creators are:
  • J Chris Campbell
  • Duane Ballenger
  • Ryan Bray
  • John Davis
  • Christopher Lockwood
  • Mel Rivera
  • Derek & Nikki Davis
  • Robert Venditti
  • Desi Varsel
  • James Cogdill
Also we will have representatives from the following groups:
Plenty of people will be in costume including local Cosplayers:
  • Amanda Finley
  • Courtney Anne Meeker

Here is the promotional poster that features Ultron controlling the Avengers. I could not resist doing a variant one with Richard controlling Cap and Iron Man. These will be available for you to get and collect all the visiting creators signatures.

11156294_10152745756302124_5240916053292487748_n 10478189_10152745756022124_8822049220885045162_n

Bring yourself and all your family. I’ll draw you an original robot on the spot. See you Saturday!