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They are all nude!

My good friend Mike Gowan has put his skills to the challenge of remixing the Radiohead song nude. Are you a musical mixing madman? Well give it a shot, download the stems from itunes and upload your completed songs to
Just a plane ole music fan? Well go check out all the mixes at there are already 700 entries as of April 7! Listen to the all and vote on your favorite. Ok, you don’t have to listen to them all. Just listen to my buddy Mike’s and vote for him.

Unusual Music CD

Go grab a copy of Students of the Unusual Giant-sized Music Special #1. “The first comic to come with it’s own music cd.” The cd is loaded with tunes from winners of a music contest including Wappie Ashley Holt and features a cd design by me! The issue also contains the first issue where Brad McGinty takes over the art for “Recalcitrant Jones and the Dead Beats.”

Students of the unusual cd

Students of the unusual comic

Giant Invasion

They Might Be Giants have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time. They are spectacular live and I’m thankful I’ve been able to see them perform several times. But I’ve missed them in recent years due to the travel time and mostly because I caught the old man doesn’t want to leave hometown for rock show illness. They always play 2 hours away from here. In every direction. That dang The Orange Peel in Ashville has been bringing them around for years.


So when my friend told me they were coming to a local club I knew he had made a mistake. And sure enough, there on the TMBG homepage October 30 – Greenville, North Carolina - The Handlebar. But there could not be a Handlebar in Greenville NC also, could there be? After checking our Handlebar’s website you can see that it’s just a silly typo, and they are coming to Greenville SC! Now I have no excuse not to go see them, and to get all my hometown buddies to join me.

they might be giants - greenville south carolina

Sure they’ll be playing mostly songs from the new album The Else, which is an amazing album if you include the songs on the extra CD. The extra cd is loaded with 23 tracks from their ultra cool podcast (since 2005). By itself it’s one of my least favorite albums. But if they play with just a dab of the energy I’ve experienced at previous shows then they will totally change my mind. Hopefully it’ll be an amazing show and I’ll never have to leave town again to see giants.

Just my M-A-C and me

Press check! CMYK in da house.

Why not give a little love to Mr. W AL and his white and nerdy while you’re here.