Old Giant Robots, Ancient Archives and New T-shirts

Crowdsourcing for money Against my better judgment, I designed a t-shirt for a contest for the crowdsourcing website Threadless. They call them challenges. Basically they ask for designs, people submit and then site visitors vote and the winning design is made into a t-shirt. Pretty great concept for a company. You get basically unlimited t-shirt […]

Ghosts! board game

Ghosts were a pretty big deal Back in 80’s thanks to movies like Poltergeist and of course Ghostbusters. InĀ 1985 Milton Bradley Co. released a game called Ghosts! and I recently was able to pick up a copy with all the pieces including the instruction manual! As a kid I think I must have sat and […]

Eat the Munny

This year at ACE a bunch of artists were given Munnys to customize at the show. Andy Runton and I teamed up on a Munny and Munny Mobile based on this guy with flowers in his mouth. This little guy along with the mobile and tons of other Munnys will be actioned off sometime soon […]

Robots Suck (ers)

3 more robots that I got for my Birthday from my sister. I left these guys in plastic because I couldn’t bring myself to eat them. My son, on the other hand, has had no problems devouring 2 of them. You can order yourself some RobopopsĀ  from Hearth Song magazine where they say: Pop a […]