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Epidemic of webcomics from Wide Awake Press

This summer, WAP unleashes a wave of webcomics!

Fun is contagious. Come enjoy our sickness with a host of fantastically infectious webcomics from Pat Lewis (Muscles Diablo), Josh Latta (Rashy Rabbit), Ben Towle (Oyster War), Jason Horn (Ninjasaur) and Rob Ullman (That’s Just Super!). We can’t contain the viral outbreak at, so stay aware and lookout for the new webcomics we’ll be adding all summer long.

Halloweirdos from Wide Awake Press

Halloweirdo Onslaught all October long


Me and a bunch of other Wide Awake Press artists are going to be having a some fun all October long.

An onslaught of creature creations are crawling your way all October long. Each week day we will post spooktacular images from some of the gruesomest talent from Wide Awake Press. So prepare your eyes for a frightful gouging of Halloweirdos!

So if you wanna take part in the festivities please click here for more!