I enjoy being creative
and bringing your ideas to life!

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Create amazing projects with endless possibilities!

Custom illustrations really do allow your ideas to  run wild. Free, like some fast free running thing with unlimited vision and abilities of freedom. So the sky isn’t the limit, and neither is your brain, once you enlist the help of my brain. Together our 2 brains are sure to come up with fantasticalness! Of course my 1 brain is happy to do the work and just have your brain sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel the wind in your cerebral cortex on our whirling journey of unleashed creativity! Tally-Ho!

Case Study

On the community's case!

I got the rare opportunity to work with a local non-profit organization to create a mysterious adventure that takes place along a bike trail. I illustrated the story that includes original characters that are placed in actual areas within my community. All proceeds go back to our community for local projects and events. It was a very fullfilling project to work on and the writer and organization were happy with the results.

Case Study

Juicy Fruit Mascot

I was contacted by the advertising firm BBDO to create a Pokemon type character for Juicy Fruit gum. They had a specific look that they wanted and I had to design around the concept and we went through several rounds until we found what they were looking for. Communication and dedication to a vision are both key to making sure we get positive results.


Everything I do has a common theme: FUN. I enjoy making people laugh and having a good time. I’m always looking for more chances to work with others who have the same goal.

Testimonials from some of my favorite clients

Because why take my word for it when you can trust others you probably don't know.

Greenville Wordsmiths
Founder/Program Director

Adrienne Burris

I can’t recommend Chris highly enough as both a teacher and graphic designer. His sessions with our young authors are always their favorites, as his approach treats them as peers rather than ‘just kids.’ He does a great job understanding their vision for a publication and bringing it to life in innovative ways.

3 Boys Publications

Terry Cronin

Whether it’s illustrating a published essay on the dystopian future of medicine or a comic book story about rock and roll zombies my go-to artist is J Chris Campbell! His talent is making the unusual appealing and heart-warming. His style is unforgettable and that is what everyone is looking for.

Richard’s Comics & Collectables
Shop Owner

Richard Morgan

J Chris Campbell is my number one choice when I need something done right. Not only is it always on time but he never ceases to go beyond my expectations. I’m super lucky that he shares the same city as my comic shop is. He is always up for local events and is fantastic with comic fans, especially children.

Glorp Gum

Brad McGinty

J Chris is just great!



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