Teaching Comics, Illustration & Graphic Design

Need a spark to light the flames of creativity in young people?

Have a class of young minds that are starving for new and creative ways to express themselves? I teach a bunch of different classes in cartooning, drawing emotions, designing characters, creating rockets & robots and more!

Contact me and we will talk about your needs and how I can help you offer a fun time for your audiences.

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Classes Available:

Rockets & Robots: Learn to draw and decorate rockets. Cartoon robot facial expressions, parts and pieces.

Creature Creations: Together we will look at how factors such as habitat and diet effects the way a creature adapts and what features help them survive. We will draw new animals together as a class & then each student will come up with their own.

Cartoon Crash Course: Learn basics techniques used to create cartoon characters for your own comics. We will design characters, draw facial expressions, review cartooning symbols and more!  You’ll soon able to use these concepts in your own stories.

Making Mini-Comics: Create a simple comic book all by yourself! Learn the secrets of sequential storytelling as J Chris Campbell guides you through the process of creating an 8-page mini-comic. Start small and learn techniques to make your own comics.

Cartooning Rube Goldberg Machines: We examine Rube Goldberg Cartoons identifying simple machines used in them. Next the class brain storms a Rube Goldberg Style Machine and draw it together with my guidance. After that they are given a task to solve “in a simple way” to finish on their own that must include 3 simple machines.