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Your voyage will take you to all parts of the nine universe. From minuscule minutia to monumental movements. The trappings have all been realized and disabled. We have our top agents on the job and they have sworn that only the most awe inspiring findings will do for our audience. Do not worry, appreciation levels very with knowledge. So we will break thru together. We are the Space Blinded!

2018 Movie Geek Reference Card

Download this handy guide in a convenient pdf file.

2018 looks like one of the geekest years on record, overflowing with blockbusting potential. This handy Movie Geek Reference Card will help you keep track of Animated, Sci Fi, Fantasy and Comic Book movies coming to a theatre near you this year.

I’m not endorsing all these movies, I’m just a Movie Geek and thought I’d share my love of all types of movies with all my friends. Subscribe to the iCal version and get all the movies added to your iCalendar and you’ll instantly get updated when a movie shifts it’s release date.

What movie are you most looking forward to this year? Leave a comment below.

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2017 Christmas Pew Pew Ornament


Digitally designed and printed with a 3D printer. Then molded, cast and painted by J Chris Campbell. These faux stain-glass space guns will look great hanging from your tree or rearview mirror. Order now because supplies are super limited. Double digit signed and numbered limited.

5’x4′ hand pulled resin casting painted
with acrylic by J Chris Campbell.