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October may just slay me.

October is well underway and I’ve been enjoying my weekday workout of creating Creatures, Creepies and Crazies. Have you been enjoying them? Well why not?!? Go follow me somewhere or sign-up to get them sent to you.

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Wonderfully Wicked Wallpapers

Hope you’re October is shaping up to be simply terrible. Here are a couple of horrible images to make your mobile buddy more feel Octobery. If you don’t use it you may just have bad luck. Look for more free downloads from me all October long!

iPhone 4 lock screen
(click image to download)
iPhone 4 home screen
(click image to download)
Lock screen wallpaper iPhone 4 Home Screen wallpaper iPhone 4
iPhone 5 lock screen
(click image to download)
iPhone 5 home screen
(click image to download)
lock screen wallpaper iPhone 5 home screen wallpaper iPhone 5


Download this super fantastic wallpaper to spook up all your devices.