Love a little

Feel free to post this valentine to your social networks to spread the love. You could even write a little poem to go with it. Heck, you can even use this one.

Oh my love, do you hear that sound?
The thumpity, thump, thump? The bumpity bump.
It’s not a rabbit underground.
No, it is my heart, I have a slight arrhythmia.

Happy Valentines Day!

10 years of comics and collectables!

Local comic shop Richard’s Comics and Collectables will be celebrating 10 years of service to the community by supplying a steady stream of comics and collectables to everyone in the upstate. Feb 20th we will be having a party and he is giving away free stuff, providing grub, holding raffles and doing general celebratory frivolities. I’ll be there announcing stuff as it happens. So bring yourself and let’s have some fun! Stop by and get your ticket for the event!!  Richards Comics & Collectables – 10th Anniversary Event!!!!


2014 Totally Metal Neatobots Ornaments

I’m pretty excited to be able to offer 2 ornaments this year in my shop! Both of them are Totally Metal! TIN-ORNAMENT-LOGOYou can totally deck the halls in metal this year! Check out these Metal Heads! Hang them from their heavy steal wire antenna and enjoy their metalness. I’ve knocked the date into the back of their heads so you’ll always know the year you celebrated hardcore. Go check out the shop for more photos or buy it now!

Metal Head Ornament

You have missed out on Palos the multi-jointed little robot. 3 dimensions of winter fun! He is made entirely of metal except for his little cloth scarf that helps keep him warm.