How FLUKE 2013 will ruin you

Illustration, Comics & Design in Greenville SC

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How FLUKE 2013 will ruin you

This year I, and many others, plan on ruining FLUKE for some. Attendee’s minds will be devastated by the jaw dropping plethora of exhibitors at the 40 Watt Club. Our brilliant wares and what-nots will for sure change a few people’s world view. It is going to be really horrible and I’m pretty sure some folks might get a little sick from the mind boggling amount of fantastic junk on display.¬†That is why on April 6th, Athens will not know what has just hit it.

You should probably not come if you pride yourself on not being hip to all things underground. It’d be safer if you just kick back at home and watch a TV marathon on Netflix or maybe finish off that last level on your Playbox. We realize you really need that virtual trophy to show your virtupals how skilled at pushing buttons you is. Besides, those activities are a much safer use of your Saturday and you’d be able to chat with your pals about how lame you are. Of course if you think your mind grapes could use some squeezing at the hands of unbelievable amounts of creativity, then maybe you should come check out FLUKE. But you’ll probably never be the same again. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.