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Calling all Retro Futurist to Heroes Convention 2016

Starting June 17th set your navigator units to coordinates AA-1223 in the heart of Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC. You must find J Chris Campbell there and view his offerings.

Alpha Voyage just in time for Heroes Convention

Alpha Voyage to the rescue! Hurling thru the limitless space, from worlds away, come the Neatobots to save the day! Their ship bends space and time to finally arrive here on earth. Now you can commemorate their arrival with this fantastic t-shirt. Order yours today! The greatest show on the planet starts next weekend! I…
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Becoming a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man has always been around. So it’s pretty easy to become a fan. Well, at least for anyone born after August 1962, he has always been around. That’s the year Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced the world to Spider-Man in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15. He didn’t appear in his own Marvel comic…
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2011 Comic Conventions

Boy O’ Boy, I can not wait for the comic conventions and appearances I’ll be at this year. Each one of them is super fantastic in their own way. So hard to pick a favorite to recommend, so you should just come to them all! Skip down to read more about each of the shows I’ll…
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