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Unit Construction Complete

Previously announced addition to Campbell Clan Industries has been produced. Final assembly completed on 5.30.08. Visual conformation of parts confirms previous test results and designation of Lilly has been assigned. Unit is now entering cocoon stage.

Lily Campbell

Robots Suck (ers)

3 more robots that I got for my Birthday from my sister. I left these guys in plastic because I couldn’t bring myself to eat them. My son, on the other hand, has had no problems devouring 2 of them. You can order yourself some Robopops  from Hearth Song magazine where they say:

Pop a robot pop in your mouth, and it fills your mouth with fabulous fruity flavors that really POP. A super solution for Easter baskets, the set of three candy contraptions includes orange, apple, and blueberry flavors.

He never mentioned that they poped like pop rocks, maybe I’ll have to try the last one.


While you’re ordering why not pic up a Sky Rocket or Space Blaster.

Sky Rocket or Space Blaster

These guys are made by super cool toy makers Rocket USA.