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There was a gremlin in my computer!

For the past 2 months I’ve be fighting little digital gremlins that have been attacking my server, I almost came to point of calling an IT Support.  Culminating in several sites being down including this one. So I didn’t get to post my Inktober drawings on here. But do not fear! They are all available…
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Almost time for monsters!

I’ve already seen a lot of great monsters and such this month. Fall brings out the funnest things to draw. So I can’t wait until October when all my social media channels will be flooded with fantastic creatures from all over the planet! I’ll try and chip in where I can like I have in…
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Monster Wallpapers and Illustrations

Like most people from my generation, I really love October. What was one night of candy grabbing is now a month long celebration of the darker side. I prefer the kooky cartoony flavor of halloween more than the gory grossness and for many years I’ve drawn creatures, creepies and crazies and e-mailed them out to…
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