Draw a robot at school

Robot 8

It was “R” week so I went to my son’s school to teach the kids how to draw robots. The kids were 3 years old, so I new the most they could do was maybe eyes and a mouth. I made up this template on the computer and headed over to see what would happen.

Robot Worksheet

The teacher had me ready to go with a nice clean chalkboard and different colors of chalk. All the kids had a spot at a table with their crayons and pencils. I started by showing them a windup robot I had brought and asked them what it was. “A robot they screamed!”

“Well I’ve come to teach you how to draw a robot.”

They were ultra attentive as I began to draw the same robot that was on the sheets I had handed out. I started by showing them to draw eyes, mouth and nose on their robots. To my surprise they were really into it. So we drew antenna and even some controls on the robots chest. I didn’t tell them to switch colors when filling in so a couple of the kids drew over the top of the faces. In all they did amazingly and the teacher let me bring them home to scan them so I could share them with you guys. Enjoy and feel free to download the template and draw your own robot!
robot 1Robot 2Robot 3

Robot 4Robot 5Robot 6

Robot 7Robot 8Robot 9

Robot 10Robot 11Robot 12

I also left behind this sheet so they can work on their rocket design skills. You can download the template by clicking on the image.

Rocket Worksheet