Author: J Chris

Illustration, Comics & Design in Greenville SC

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The Awesome anthology!

Who would have thought my obsession with one word could lead to the title of a major anthology. How did it happen? Well, I just started listening to podcasts in December 2005. I was very excited to find Indie Spinner Rack and sent them some comics. So in February of 2006 I was interviewed for…
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Where are you going for vacation?

Here’s the cover for the next Beat For some reason it feels like summer is almost over. We never really went anyplace “Vacationy”. We did go to Charleston to visit the inlaws and went to the Bee City. We took lots of pictures, which you know I’ll never get around to posting. It was actually…
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How robots can change your life!

I just started back drawing my 3-minute robots. I’ve really missed doing them and I’m totally out of practice. Yes, of course not all the robots will be done in 3-minutes. The basic idea is to have something that I do everyday on the computer that alows me to cut loose and create something. Like…
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Zig Zag #2 Preview Pages

Mini-comic master, J Chris Campbell returns with vigor to the world of funny books with Zig Zag 2. He put his mouse to the pad with supply chain performance metrics attach on it and clicked out another mad capped masterpiece filled with robots, businessmen and especially bugs. The Attic Bugs story concludes as things have…
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