Attic Bugs T-shirt

My good buddy Darryl Debruhl of D-Zign & M-Printz in Greenville SC (864-268-7007) is printing up these fine Attic Bugs T-shirts. Hopefully I’ll have a few available at some shows this year. If I do a second run I’ll pre-sell them on the website. I can’t wait to get my mits on them!

Dirt dripping with Justice!

I think all my bad guys from now on will have some sort of device they can push to summon robots. It’s because I wish I had one. Where’s my robot summoning button thingy!! Pg 1  Pg 2  Pg 3 Pg 4

Free Comics are good comics

Ah, the Juice of Justice! Enjoy page 3 click for Pg 1 or Pg 2.

Free Comics for everyone

In Project:Superior I had pages in the red section of the book. So I came up with the Apple Dumpler to take advantage of the spot red. Just think, if I were in the blue section you could be reading about the Blue Berryer or maybe the Berry um.. man I’m glad I wasn’t int…
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