2014 Totally Metal Neatobots Ornaments

I’m pretty excited to be able to offer 2 ornaments this year in my shop! Both of them are Totally Metal! TIN-ORNAMENT-LOGOYou can totally deck the halls in metal this year! Check out these Metal Heads! Hang them from their heavy steal wire antenna and enjoy their metalness. I’ve knocked the date into the back of their heads so you’ll always know the year you celebrated hardcore. Go check out the shop for more photos or buy it now!

Metal Head Ornament

You have missed out on Palos the multi-jointed little robot. 3 dimensions of winter fun! He is made entirely of metal except for his little cloth scarf that helps keep him warm.



The Robot Zoo with J Chris too!

I’ll be appearing at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate (TCM) at the opening of a new exhibit called the Robot Zoo. My dad will be there also. He helped me make TCM’s 2 robot benches last year and he’ll be bringing a couple of robots he has made from parts.

Grab your youngster an original Neatobot because I’ll be doodling all night! I’ll also have a bunch of robot stuff for the kids and parents to look at.

It is a member only event. So if you’re looking for a reason to help support the Children’s Museum, this would be a great one! I hope to see you all there!

the robot zoo special guest

Hand-crafted limited edition ornament

2013 Limited Edition Ornament!


Mr. Jangle Tinseltoe is a hand-crafted Christmas ornament made of wood. He is strung together with multi colored cotton thread which makes him nice and floppy. His face and hands are wooden but the rest of his body is hand painted with a hat, collar and shoes made of felt.
My elves and I have assembled him for this holiday season only. Because each one is individual there will be slight differences with the face, hat and shoes.

Each will be numbered and signed by J Chris Campbell with the year 2013.

Hang him on your tree so he can help Santa when he arrives the night before Christmas.

Sold out for this year! Click here for more stuff from J Chris Campbell!

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jchris-wooden-elf-02 jchris-wooden-elf-03  jchris-wooden-elf-05 jchris-wooden-elf