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Electric Yeti Fight

I went to my second viewing of Scott Pilgram with some pals and I tried to get a picture of the electric yeti fight. But I was not successful. The first pic is the guitars generating the beast.

Scott Pilgram Electric Yeti

Yeti Fight

You should probably go see the movie at the theatre on the nice and big screen.

They are all nude!

My good friend Mike Gowan has put his skills to the challenge of remixing the Radiohead song nude. Are you a musical mixing madman? Well give it a shot, download the stems from itunes and upload your completed songs to
Just a plane ole music fan? Well go check out all the mixes at there are already 700 entries as of April 7! Listen to the all and vote on your favorite. Ok, you don’t have to listen to them all. Just listen to my buddy Mike’s and vote for him.