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Facebook allows animation now

This new animation thing on Facebook could be bad news for me. I’m going to be dreaming up stuff like this to do instead of real work.

FLUKE 2015. You will enjoy.

I will be at FLUKE this Saturday with all the coolest folks you could possibly imagine (click here and see their names). Ok, most of them. We will just say it is a gathering of a large majority of the coolest folks in existence. So if you are cool, then you will be there. If…
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Cryptic Creatures from J Chris Campbell

I really enjoy halloween and I’m looking forward to a month filled with Cryptic Creatures. Come with me as we explore the wondrous world of Cryptic Creatures!

J Chris Campbell Returns to SPX

I’m happy to announce that I will be returning to SPX after a few years of not being there. My journey and arangements are thanks to grants from the Ullman Foundation, the Daughhetee Cooperative and some help from AdHouse Books. I will be tooling around in grand ole Bethesda Maryland this weekend, September 13th and…
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