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The day the crystal cracked

According to their website they say if you can draw it they can make it. FAO Schwarz now offers custom stuffed animals based on your childs drawing. One of a kind stuffed animal and it’ll only cost you two hundred and fourty nine dollarinos. Even if the turmeric for your pets is not excessive, they…
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Early checkout

I checked out early. I am driving home and forcing my wife to blog for me so I do not lose a bet. I bought some of these Whirl-O’s on the way out of the show from RocketUSA.

30 years of dead Elvis

The 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis is coming up on August 16th. It’s a pretty big deal and they’ll be doing all sorts of crazy stuff in Memphis, Tennessee. I’m an Elvis fan but not a real big one. I just basically like the theory that he faked his death and is still…
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Nostalgic Sesame Street DVD set

Internet surfing is bad. I was just looking for info about the Kermit Swamp Years movie and stumble upon this. A dvd set full of old skits with some of the characters and cast that aren’t used today. Finally my son will know who that funny little man is in his Sesame Street Playset. Oh…
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